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She's not the only one with a Death Bell [entries|friends|calendar]
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ATTENTION! [19 May 2004|04:33pm]
Attention to all users who have me as a friend. Please delete me and re-add me at snapdog. It's my new account. And please be forwarned that this account will be deleted either later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

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Bored and sick..bad combination.. [12 Mar 2004|12:54pm]
Warning: The following links may be hazourdus to your health. Proceed at own risk. You have been warned

Disco Squirrels OMFG! Hilarious..Disco Sauna!
Kitty Cat Dance I'm cat, I'm a kitty cat, and I dance dance dance.
Keyna! For anyone who still hasn't seen the Kenya cartoon.
Shii's Song This creeps me out..O_O
Icon Wars! No, this is awesome!
Ouch.. That looks painfull..XD
Starwarz Rap Word.
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Friends Only [28 Feb 2004|09:43am]

Yep, friends only for two reasons.

1) I know who's reading this. If it was public, friends from school, might want pour my soul to people I/they know. Not fun.

2 I write about some people specificly, I don't want them to know. Selfish, I know. But it can save my ass...^^
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